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Compliance Packaging

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Many people, especially the elderly or those with multiple health conditions, must take a number of medications each day.  In order to achieve the greatest benefit from what has been prescribed, these medications must be taken in the correct dose and at the correct times each day. Our free SmartMeds medication management system is the answer.  Your medications are sealed in a card with 28 clear compartments or "blisters". There is one blister for breakfast lunch, supper and bedtime for each day of the week. If you need some help in remembering to take your medications or if you aren't sure if you have already taken them, the Medication Reminder will help.  The Medication Reminder will also help your caregiver to monitor your medications. Most solid, oral medications can be placed on a Medication Reminder card.  Have your pharmacist review all of your medications to see if the Medication Reminder would be suitable for you.

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