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AMG Medical Proactive Therm-O-Beads Hot & Cold Compress is the perfect two-in-one product for you, a unique product used as both a hot and cold compress. The beads are small and round, and they can be easily heated or cooled in water. They conform to the body, providing relief from pain and inflammation. Therm-O-Beads are an excellent choice for people who need a compress that can be customized to their needs. 

Features of Proactive Hot and Cold Compress Bag

  • Stays hot or cold for approximately 20 minutes
  • Heat in microwave or cool in freezer*
  • Two sides - clear side for maximum temperature and fabric side for medium temperature
  • Gel beads allow you to adjust the compress to target the pain
  • Compact & portable
  • Non-toxic
  • Reusable

AMG Medical Proactive Therm-O-Beads Hot & Cold Compress

SKU: 775757408026
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