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ou leave home looking sharp – polished shoes, perfect hair. You look good. Because you’ve got something different. A hook. A twist. A signature scent that’s so subtle it’s almost subliminal. AXE Gold Temptation comes for the line of the best men's deodorant. Feel confident, smooth and sharp with a deodorant stick that has an attractive scent and protects against uninviting odours. This deodorant for men provides all-day protection against odour and sweat. All that is left is the bold confidence that comes with an irresistibly fresh scent. If you want to feel dry and confident at work, school or on a night on the town, protect against sweat and odour while smelling fresh and clean for all day and all night. The signature scent of green fruit, molten chocolate with a hint of fresh citrus means that it smells better than your average men's deodorant stick. AXE anti-perspirant is best used with a variety of other tantalizing AXE products, such as AXE men's fragrances, body wash and other men's deodorant and hair products. Try them together for ultimate long-lasting sweat and odour protection with a lingering irresistible scent. 

Axe Deodorant Gold Temptation 85g

SKU: 079400378446
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