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BD Ultra-Fine™ 33g Lancets
Thinnest Lancets Available

Ultra-Thin for Greater Comfort
100 Sterile Single-Use Lancets / 33 Gauge Lancets

For use with most Lancet Devices / Easy to Use / Worldwide Leader in Insulin Delivery Devices

  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Fits most lancing devices

The Ultra-Fine 33 Lancet provides all the familiar comfort and quality you have come to expect from BD

The Ultra-Fine Lancet can be used with these devices: BD™ Lancet Device, Microlet®, Microlet® 2, iBGStar™, OneTouch® UltraSmart®, ReliOn® Confirm, Autole®t Impression, Autolet Lite®, Autolet® Mini, FreeStyle®, Penlet®, and Soft Touch™ and Medisense®

BD Ultra Fine 33 Gauge Lancets 100pk

SKU: 382903220069
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