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The BD Ultra-Fine(TM) Pen Needles are designed for enhanced comfort, reduced pain and easier injections.


The combination of EasyFlow™ Technology and BD’s patented 5-bevel needle tip improves the injection experience for people with diabetes.1,2*#. The flatter, thinner needle tip eases into the skin with up to 23 percent less force and is clinically demonstrated to make injections more comfortable.


BD’s shortest, thinnest Ultra-Fine™ 4mm pen needle is suitable for most people with diabetes including adults, children, and those who are overweight.3,4 Used with the appropriate injection technique, the BD Ultra-Fine™ 4mm Pen Needle with EasyFlow™ Technology ensures medication is injected to the correct skin depth over 99.5 percent of the time, at all injection sites .5


Compared to longer pen needles, a 4mm pen needle significantly lowers the risk of injecting diabetes medication into your muscle at all injection sites.3^ Inadvertently injecting medication into a muscle can affect how your medication works and may lead to changes in your blood glucose levels.


The BD Ultra-Fine™ 4mm Pen Needle with EasyFlow™ Technology also helps make life easier for people who have arthritis or hand strength issues.1* With up to 62 percent less thumb force required to dispense medication, the BD Ultra-Fine™ 4mm Pen Needle with EasyFlow™ Technology has been proven to result in faster injections.


BD Ultra-Fine Pen Needles 4mm x 32 Gauge 100pk

SKU: 382903201440
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