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Suffering from a painful sore throat? Take Cepacol Extra Strength for fast & effective temporary relief for painful sore throats with the maximum amount of Benzocaine (local anesthetic / numbing medication) available per dose, without a prescription. 

•#1 Pharmacist Recommended Brand*
Disclaimer: *based on a third-party 2017 endorsement survey of Canadian pharmacists
•Fast and effective temporary relief for sore throats
•Two active ingredients help to numb the pain fast
•Helps ease and relieve nasal congestion, and makes nasal passages feel clearer
•Sucrose free lozenge
•Ingredients: 15mg Benzocaine (local anesthetic / numbing medication) - maximum amount available per dose, without a prescription. 15mg Menthol

Cepacol Extra Strength Sucrose Free Cherry 36 Lozenges

SKU: 363824901831
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