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Clotrimaderm 1% Cream is used to treat skin infections such as athlete's foot, jock itch, ringworm, and other fungal skin infections (candidiasis). This external cream can be applied to the irritated area to help relieve itching, scaling, burning and soreness. This cream is non-stinging, odourless, non-staining and greaseless.

Clotrimaderm (generic name: clotrimazole) is also used to treat a skin condition known as pityriasis (tinea versicolor), a fungal infection that causes a lightening or darkening of the skin of the neck, chest, arms, or legs. Clotrimazole is an azole antifungal that works by preventing the growth of fungus.

Clotrimaderm Clotrimazole Cream 1% 30g

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