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Excess ear wax can increase the presence of bacteria, causing ear infections and discomfort. Earclin ear wax remover keeps ears clean & clear! Suitable for daily use.


How to Use:

  • Fill: Squeeze the suction bulb to draw up lukewarm water (max 40⁰C). The water will mix with the soap contained in the lower part of your earClin earshower.
  • Rinse: Tilt your head, to the right, place the nozzle of the earClin earshower at the entrance of the ear canal and squeeze. Let the soapy solution soften the ear wax and tilt your head back to drain your ear. Repeat on the opposite ear
  • Dry: Use the empty earClin earshower to gently blow air into the ear canal until dry.

Earclin Ear Wax Remover

SKU: 628467005002
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