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  • Designed for Hands - This multi-purpose pack offers a variety of Elastoplast bandages designed specifically for smaller wounds on the hands and fingers
  • Combo Pack - Fabric self adhesive bandages are extra flexible and water-repellent, while the plastic strips repel water and dirt
  • Plastic strips - These Elastoplast bandages offer strong adhesion and are made of water resistant, breathable material that are designed to help repel water and dirt from the wound
  • Aqua Protect strips – Prevent water from getting trapped around the wound with this plaster and its flexible, breathable, 100% waterproof protection
  • Practical Format - This plaster bandage box is designed for hands. It contains 20 strips of assorted bandages in 5 sizes and shapes and 3 different material.

Elastoplast Bandages Hand 20 pack

SKU: 4005800279379
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