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  • Breathable Material – These ELASTOPLAST bandages are made of water resistant, breathable material that are designed to help repel water and dirt from the wound.
  • Strong Adhesion – The bandages in this pack have non-stick wound pads that protects and cushions while the strong adhesion ensures the bandage stays in place.
  • Discreet Size – Ensure your family has the best wound care products – these ELASTOPLAST spots are ideal for small cuts – a great addition to your first aid kit!
  • Method of Application – For optimal wound care: Clean wound and dry skin. Apply the bandage without stretching and avoiding creases. Use each spot only once.
  • Scope of Delivery – ELASTOPLAST Spots Plastic Adhesive Bandages, discreet size, barely noticeable, water-resistant plastic spot bandages

Elastoplast Spot Bandaids - 50ct

SKU: 056594468528
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