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Fast. Effective. Lasting. Take TPR20 Topical Pain Relief Cream wherever you go and get temporary relief from minor cuts, sunburn, scrapes, insect bites, and minor skin irritations. This powerful specialized formula is also effective for pain associated with arthritis using the active ingredients lidocaine and menthol.


Product Notes:

Lidocaine differs from other pain medications as it acts directly on the nerve membranes that transmit pain and stabilizes them; it has been used exclusively in dentistry for the past 60 years as the ingredient in the "numbing gel" with no allergic or ill effects. Menthol is a natural volatile compound that is a member of the Mint family and contributes to the cooling sensation that aids to relieve pain and inflammation, as well as increases the blood supply to the affected skin area which enables better absorption of other ingredients in topical creams.

Humn TPR20 Pain Relief Cream 75mL

SKU: 814217000162
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