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LifeSource Multi-User Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Wide Range Cuff and AC Adapter (UA-767FAM)

  • Recommended by Hypertension Canada, clinically validated for accuracy
  • Easy-to-use screen with large start button
  • Multi-user: up to 4 users, stores up to 60 measurements each
  • Wide Range, upper arm cuff with gentle inflation fits most arms (8.6" to 16.5")
  • 5 year Manufacturers warranty on device / 2 year Manufacturers warranty on cuff

The LifeSource by A&D Medical UA-767FAM Multi-User Blood Pressure Monitor is an advanced digital BP machine that provides accurate and reliable results in an easy-to-use device. This device is clinically validated for accuracy to meet the international protocol set by the European Society of Hypertension and recommended by Hypertension Canada. It automatically checks your blood pressure and stores the results for you in memory - up to 60 measurements per user (up to 4 users).

Because this blood pressure monitor allows for multiple users, the cuff is designed to fit most people (cuff fits 8.6" to 16.5" arms). Simply slide on your arm, adjust, and follow the instructions in the manual. The pump uses gentle inflation to help make taking your blood pressure as comfortable as possible. Other features include an Irregular Heartbeat Detector and a Pressure Rating Indicator that shows if your readings are high, low, or normal (according to standard guidelines). The cuff fit error message and the body movement sensor help prevent inaccurate measurements.

Included in the blood pressure monitoring kit are the blood pressure monitoring device, the wide range blood pressure cuff, an AC adapter, and an instruction manual.

LifeSource Multi-User Blood Pressure Monitor - UA767FAM

SKU: 093764603471
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