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NovoFine Plus 32g Pen Needles provide a safe and comfortable solution to your insulin pen needle needs. These pen needles are designed with SuperFlow, a technology that reduces injection time and force for faster injections. They feature an ultra-short 4mm length and ultra-thin 32g needle design for less pain less and risk injecting into the muscle. These diabetic needles also feature an ultra-strong design that effectively reduces the risk of bending and breaking. They are suitable for users of all ages and weights and are universally compatible with all major pen devices. Experience easy, fast and accurate injections with innovative NovoFine Plus Pen Needles.

NovoFine Plus Pen Needles 4mm x 32g Features:

  • SuperFlow technology reduce injection time and force for improved comfort
  • Ultra-short 4mm length for less risk of injecting into the muscle
  • Ultra-thin 32g diabetes needle is electro-polished and silicone-coated with a tapered point for easier injections
  • Ultra-strong design reduces the risk of the insulin needle bending and breaking
  • Designed for superior comfort, ease-of-use and accuracy
  • Suitable for patients of all weights and ages
  • Universal compatibility with all major pen devices

NovoFine Plus Needles 32G 4mm 100pk

SKU: 059014005082
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