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Aromatic Foam Bath Lavender 500ml

Comforting and relaxing
Tranquility and purity are inherent in the unique fragrance of lavender. This mild foam bath contains natural lavender extract and oils. Its soothing and comforting properties are especially suited to relax one’s body and mind.


Aromatic Foam Bath Eucalyptus 500ml

Soothing and comforting
This aroma-intensive, pleasant foam bath contains pure essential eucalyptus oils. Its soothing, comforting effects are particularly appreciated when suffering through the cold and flu season. Inhale deeply and enjoy the purifying benefits of its essence.


Aromatic Foam Bath Citrus Sage 500ml

Refreshing and renewing
Melt away tension and stress with Ombra Citrus Sage Foam Bath. This refreshing combination of natural citrus fruits, sage, rosemary and other herbal extracts helps to recharge body and mind providing a sense of well-being.

Ombra Spa Aromatic Foam Bath 500mL Multiple Scents

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