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Pepcid AC Maximum Strength Tablets work to relieve and prevent tough heartburn and acid indigestion. Containing twice as much of the acid-reducer ingredient famotidine as Pepcid AC, these tablets are clinically proven to give fast and effective relief from heartburn, acid indigestion, and sour or upset stomach due to excess stomach acid. It works on tough heartburn, even at night, so you can sleep easy.  Taken 10 to 15 minutes before a meal, this antacid tablet can prevent symptoms brought on by eating or drinking food and beverages. You can take just one Pepcid AC Maximum Strength Tablet to control stomach acid for up to 12 hours. 


Available in 10 or 50 Tablets


  • Pepcid AC Maximum Strength Tablets, 25 Count, relieves and prevents tough heartburn and acid indigestion    
  • This acid reducer reduces and controls stomach acid for up to 12 hours to help relieve and prevent upset and sour stomach    
  • Take Pepcid AC in as little as ten minutes before your first bite to prevent heartburn before it starts    
  • Contains the acid reducer famotidine and made in an easy-to-swallow tablet

Pepcid AC Max Strength Famotidine 50 Tablets

SKU: 062600959492
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