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Trim and groom effortlessly with this Philips BikiniGenie bikini trimmer. The click-on comb and trimming head let you select the perfect hair length, while the round teeth offer precise cuts without causing skin irritation. A battery-powered design means there's no cord to contend with. Use the included cleaning brush to maintain this trimmer in between uses. With an ergonomic design, this Philips BikiniGenie bikini trimmer fits comfortably in hand for greater control and neat results.


Click-on trimming comb

Play with lengths! Click-on the trimming comb to the trimming head and precisely trim your hair to 3 mm length.


Bikini trimming head

For an even groomed look, the bikini trimming head trims down the hair to 0.5 mm.


Round trimming teeth

Rounded hair removal cutting teeth work their magic so you can safely and effectively trim your bikini line. No nicks or cuts.


Wet & dry use

Not necessarily to get your skin wet anymore. The trimmer is equally effective in both wet or dry conditions!



No need for charging cords! BikiniGenie is battery powered.


Storage pouch

Attractive pouch so you can store everything in one place.


Ergonomic design

The clever ergonomic handle makes it possible to trim and style your bikini line with ease.

Philips Bikini Trimmer

SKU: 075020047120
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