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Provacare is designed to optimize feminine health while respecting the natural function of the female body. Traditional treatments not only strip the body of healthy bacteria, leading to repeat infections, they have other unpleasant side effects. Only Provacare works to help restore the body back to its natural state, without side effects.

How does it help?

Vaginal infections happen when the normal flora (composed mainly of Lactobacillus) in the vagina is over populated by unhealthy bacteria; such as Candidia Albicans and Gardnerella. Provacare has been clinically proven to prevent the growth of Candida Albicans, which causes yeast infections and the growth of unhealthy bacteria such as Gardnerella and Prevotella bivia, which cause bacterial infections (BV). It repopulates the vaginal ecosystem by delivering the correct type and amount of healthy bacteria directly to the site of the infection, and restores the vaginal pH to its normal level. In this way, it restores the vaginal flora needed to help prevent vaginal infections from recurring.

Provacare Probiotic Vaginal Care

SKU: 057521520005
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