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Renew Life Ultimate Flora Gentle Care provides 15 billion live cultures in a convenient shelf stable (no refrigeration required) format. It is a 10 strain probiotic formula that is both dairy and soy free. It has been formulated to support overall health with a unique strain combination. Ultimate Flora Gentle Care includes a specific strain that has been shown to limit exercise-induced drops in tryptophan levels and reduce the incidence of upper respiratory infections. As
it does not require refrigeration, it is ideal for those that travel or have a tendency to forget to take their probiotic before they leave home.


  • Clinically-studied strains that confer multiple health benefits to the user
  • Delayed-release capsule to ensure safe passage of the probiotic bacteria past the harsh environment of the stomach
  • Convenience of shelf-stable formula previously only sold in refrigerated sets
  • Helps support intestinal and gastrointestinal health
  • 10 probiotic strains
  • One a day probiotic

Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotic Gentle Care 30 Capsules

SKU: 631257020802
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