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Designed for clean easy tweezing. Aligned tips. Contoured handles. Slant Tip Tweezer: Precision-aligned slant tips are best for all your tweezing needs; Salon-length handles for accuracy and control; Finger indents provide a comfortable, non-slip grip. Precision crafted, fully inspected. Revlon Beauty Tools meet exacting design and quality specifications to assure exceptional performance.InstructionsFor the Perfect Eye Look, use: Lash curlers to instantly create eye-opening lashes. Brow tools to shape brows beautifully. Experts Tips:Using lash & brow groomer, brush brows into placeGently pull one hair at a time in the direction of hair growth. Tweeze a few hairs from one brow, then the otherTweeze from below the brow to create a clean shape, following brow's natural arch. Tweeze only obvious stray hairs from above the brow. Be careful not to overtweeze

Revlon Tweezer Deluxe Slant Tip Original

SKU: 309972326102
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