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  • Relaxes muscles and relieves joint pain and soreness
  • Increases blood flow to the injury area and helps accelerate healing
  • Warms and loosens stiff muscles before exercise
  • Provides consistent heat in the recommended therapeutic range
  • Eliminates spikes and maintains a more comfortable even heat

Moist or Dry Heating Pad

SmartHeat technology with auto shut-off

Doctors recommended moist-heat therapy: moist-heat provides deep penetrating relief

4 power heat settings: control your therapy

Softer plush cover

Longer reach 9 foot cord (2.7 m)

Machine washable cover

60 minute Auto Off

Limited 5 year warranty

code HP910CA

Timed-release moisture technology provides deeper heat penetration than dry heat alone: Moist heat is physician recommended

  • Muscle ache relief
  • Arthritis pain relief
  • Menstrual pain relief

Soft Heat Heating Pad 12"x24"

SKU: 328785601183
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