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Stayfree® Ultra Thin® Pads Overnight with Wings. Night-Guard® zone. Shapes & flexes with your body. Dry, cool & comfortable. Thermo Control®.
Odor neutralizers. Stops odors before they start. Worry-free. Leak Protection®. Stayfree and all other trademarks are owned by Energizer. Ultra Thin® - light, regular, super-long, overnight. Maxi - regular, deodorant, super, super-long, overnight, maximum protection. Night-Guard® zone. Dramatization. Thermocontrol® technology. Inspired by high performance athletic fabrics. Quickly pulls moisture away from your body & allows air circulation. Flexible-fit design. Only from Stayfree®. A unique combination of thin & flexible layers that shape & flex with your body. Night-Guard® zone. Designed to protect you from overnight leaks. Extra adhesive tabs designed to stay in place.

Stayfree Ultra Thin Overnight Pads with Wings 14 Pack

SKU: 078300070467
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