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Expert Pain Management Compounding Solutions In Palmerston & Cambridge

We specialize in creating personalized pain medication solutions at The Prescription Shoppe in Cambridge & Palmerston, Ontario. Our team focuses on the unique craft of compounding – preparing individualized medications to tackle specific patient needs, especially in managing various pain conditions.


Chronic pain shouldn't define your life:


It's a fact that chronic pain affects about 10-20% of adults, yet many do not receive effective treatment. Proper pain management is vital for overall health and maintaining productivity at work, enjoying leisure activities, and fulfilling family and social roles.

Healthcare professionals play a critical role in assessing the severity and frequency of pain to prescribe suitable and personalized treatment plans. Chronic pain, often complex and multifaceted, requires a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach for effective management.


Customized Topical Pain Relief Options:


We offer a range of compounded pain relief creams, delivering targeted relief right where it's needed. Our creams often include ingredients like:

  • Anti-inflammatories: Ketoprofen, Ibuprofen, and others

  • Muscle Relaxants: Cyclobenzaprine, Baclofen, etc.

  • Anesthetic Pain Blockers: Lidocaine, Prilocaine, and more

  • Vasodilators and Neuropathy Agents

  • Analgesics: Menthol, Capsaicin, etc.


Notable Compound Combinations for Pain Relief


  1. Diclofenac + Lidocaine Cream: A potent mix for managing pain.

  2. Gabapentin, Lidocaine, Ketoprofen, Cyclobenzaprine, Capsaicin Cream: This combination offers pain relief with fewer side effects.

  3. Ketamine for Pain or Depression: Low-dose ketamine, known for its anesthetic properties, can also be used in managing pain and depression.


Collaborating with Your Physician


Our pain relief solutions are available by prescription. We can coordinate with your doctor to tailor a compound specifically for your pain management needs. If you're looking for something different, let us know, and we can work out a solution.

Transdermal Therapy & Other Dosage Forms


We specialize in various pain medication delivery methods:

  • Transdermal creams and gels: Applied directly to the pain site for focused relief.

  • Oral dosages: Customized forms like lollipops, gummy bears, and more.

  • Rectal and Nasal Administrations: Alternative methods for effective medication delivery.


Comprehensive Pain Management

Effective pain management requires teamwork involving doctors, patients, families, and other healthcare providers. We're committed to aiding in your pain relief and improving your quality of life. Remember, enduring pain isn't necessary; solutions and new approaches must always be considered.


Customized Solutions for Individual Needs

We understand that everyone's pain and response to medication differ. That's why we offer compounding services to adjust the strength and form of your medicine, ensuring a perfect fit for your needs. Our goal is to provide more effective, personalized pain relief without the common side effects of conventional medications.


Why Choose Us For Pain Management??

Pain shouldn't overshadow your life, whether it's from daily stress, sports injuries, or chronic conditions. We at The Prescription Shoppe are dedicated to offering customized, targeted solutions to manage and alleviate your pain. Let us help you reclaim the joy and comfort in your life. Please get in touch with us for more information or a tailored pain management solution.​

Come Visit Us!

Choose our trusted pharmacy in Palmerston & Cambridge, Ontario, and experience the highest level of care and service. Your health is our first priority, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

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