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BOOST® High Protein Chocolate Meal Replacement Drink (6 x 237 ml) is the perfect option for recharging and refuelling when you need protein with complete and balanced nutrition in your diet. Both Kosher and Gluten-free, BOOST® High Protein drinks can easily be added to your protein shake or smoothie. With 15 g of protein and 26 essential vitamins and minerals per 237 ml with a guaranteed great taste* you’ll love, it’s a convenient choice for those looking to stay strong. *Terms and conditions apply. For more information:

•NEW LOOK! Same size serving, now with easy one-step twist cap
•Nutritionally complete and balanced protein shake (and meal replacement)
•15 g of protein per 237 ml to help build muscle
•26 essential vitamins and minerals including Calcium and Vitamin D
•Kosher and Gluten-free
•Our new compact packaging sources wood fibres from responsibly managed forests and is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified
•Can be easily added to your protein shake or smoothies Guaranteed Great Taste or your money back* *Terms and conditions apply. For more information:

Boost Complete Nutrition Chocolate Flavour Meal Replacement Drink 6 x 237mL

SKU: 041679202852
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