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Depend Protection with Tabs Incontinence Underwear with maximum absorbency is easy-to-change incontinence protection for men and women that fits more like underwear and less like an adult diaper. If you’re caring for someone with incontinence, Depend Protection with Tabs is a discreet and convenient solution with six EasyGrip tabs for easy-open-changing even on-the-go. Depend adjustable incontinence underwear features a wetness indicator line so you or a caregiver knows when it’s time to change. Made with worry-free odor control and built-in, soft leakage barriers also help guard against side leaks for extra protection. Depend disposable incontinence products are latex-free, lotion-free and fragrance-free. For men or women in size small/medium (19-34 inches in waist; 26-41 inches in hips; up to 170 lbs.) or size large (35-49 inches in waist; 42-54 inches in hips; over 170 lbs.).

Depend Protection Briefs With Tabs S-M 20 Pack

SKU: 036000197402
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