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For fast, effective, relief of diarrhea symptoms that is gentle on your stomach, use Imodium Calming Liquid, 240ml. With 2 milligrams of antidiarrheal loperamide hydrochloride in every 15 millilitres, this calming liquid formula is suitable for all bouts of diarrhea. It often relieves diarrhea in just one dose* and is gentle on your stomach. Imodium Calming Liquid comes in a bottle of 240 millilitres of mint-flavoured liquid.

*Clinical studies indicate that diarrheal control may be achieved after the initial dose in 50% of patients.

• Imodium Calming Liquid, 240ml provides fast, effective relief of diarrhea that is gentle on you stomach
• Contains 2mg anti diarrheal loperamide hydrochloride in every 15
• Often relieves diarrhea in just 1 dose and is suitable for all bouts of diarrhea
• Made with a soothing, mint-flavoured liquid
• Get gentle, soothing relief of diarrhea with Imodium

Imodium Calming Mint Flavour Liquid 240mL

SKU: 064541317911
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