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Alpha Keri Oil moisturises dry skin by improving the hydrating properties of the bath or shower. The stratum corneum (protective outer skin layer) is hydrated during bathing or showering. Soaking in an Alpha Keri Oil bath or applying Alpha Keri Oil to wet skin after showering leaves an emollient film on the skin that helps retain the moisture the stratum corneum has taken up during the bath or shower. Alpha Keri Oil is a completely water dispersible bath and shower oil. Alpha Keri Oil doesn't form globules on the water surface and, consequently, it spreads evenly and uniformly over the skin to provide a moisture-retaining barrier to protect skin against dryness and irritations. In other words, the uniform dispersal of the oil in the water makes possible an even layer of oil to be deposited on the skin.

Keri Moisturizing Shower & Bath Oil 450mL

SKU: 303160248450
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