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Gripe Water from Chase is alcohol-free and perfect for parents who would prefer not to administer any preparation containing alcohol to their infants. 

Chase Kolik Alcohol-Free Gripe Water calms baby's discomforts and allows the whole family to get some quiet sleep. Kolik provides fast, gentle paint relief from colic, cramps, flatulence, upset stomach, hiccups and other minor complaints. Use this proven formula by Kolik that has given children relief for over a century to comfort your baby.


  • Only purified water is used to extract the anti-gas and stomach-calming properties of natural source fennel oil, from fennel seed
  • Fennel has been a reliable remedy for centuries, as it helps relieve stomach pains and cramps due to gas

Kolik Gripe Water Alcohol Free 150mL

SKU: 059097002169
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