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Nexcare Strong Hold Pain free Removal Bandages deliver a first of their kind" balance of Strong Hold with Pain free removal.  The bandages are designed with a proprietary advanced adhesive to protect your wound for up to 24 hours, yet remove easily without the ouch.  Unlike ordinary bandages that pull your hair, these bandages not only remove pain free from skin, but, also remove gently from hair.  Nexcare Strong Hold Pain free Removal bandages are hypoallergenic, highly breathable and ideal for wounds requiring frequent bandage changes.  The bandages hold strong up to 24 hours with pain free removal.

  • Hold strong for up to 24 hours
  • Pain-free removal
  • Gentle removal from hair
  • Ideal for wounds requiring frequent bandages changes
  • Hypoallergenic adhesive
  • Repositionable for optimal placement
  • Great for use on kids, the elderly and folks with hairy skin
  • Breathable design provides lasting comfort
  • Proprietary advanced adhesive

Nexcare Strong Hold Pain Free Removal 20pk Assorted

SKU: 051131193581
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