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    • The NICORETTE® Inhaler is the only inhaler with nicotine that is clinically proven to help you quit. It’s also the only hand-to-mouth option authorized for sale by Health Canada for use any time, anywhere. 

  • How to Use
    • Line up the markers and pull each end in the opposite direction.

      Insert the cartridge into the mouthpiece and twist to close securely.

      Bring the mouthpiece to your mouth and inhale deeply into the back of your throat. Or puff in short breaths. Each cartridge lasts for approximately 20 minutes of frequent puffing.

      Ready to quit completely? Use the inhaler whenever you feel the urge to smoke. Over time, you’ll need to use the NICORETTE® Inhaler less to control your nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms. We recommend gradually reducing the number of times you use the NICORETTE® Inhaler per day.




Use this chart as a guide:

Up to 12 weeksA minimum of 6 cartridges to a maximum of 12 cartridges per day
12 to 24 weeksReduce the number of cartridges gradually

Nicorette 4mg Nicotine Inhalation System 42 Cartridges

SKU: 060245367795
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