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From the makers of RestoraLAX comes RestoraFIBRE Daily Gummies, a delicious supplement with naturally sourced inulin. A convenient source of prebiotic fibre that’s great on-the-go, two RestoraFIBRE Daily Gummies twice per day provide 8 grams of prebiotic fibre to support regularity and help you meet your daily fibre requirements. Each dose contains less than 1g of sugar. Prebiotic fibre in each RestoraFIBRE gummy helps encourage the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut, support a healthy digestive system, and promote regularity. With six great-tasting fruit flavours per bottle, RestoraFIBRE Daily Gummies are a delicious way to up your daily fibre intake.

*To be sure a product is right for you, always read and follow the label.

•Supports a healthy digestive system
•Promotes regularity & helps provide gentle relief of constipation
•Contains naturally sourced inulin - A soluble prebiotic fibre that helps nourish the gut
•Less than 1 gram of sugar per dose
•Six great-tasting fruit flavours per bottle - Apple, strawberry, cherry, lemon, orange, and grape.

RestoraFibre Daily Gummies 90 Gummies

SKU: 056500371492
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