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  • Helps protect against the effects of acid erosion
  • Helps reharden acid-softened enamel
  • Contains fluoride for cavity protection
  • Helps relieve sensitive teeth
  • Provides fresh breath

Pronamel® Mint Essence toothpaste is specially formulated to help protect against the effects of acid erosion, while keeping your mouth feeling minty fresh.

You don’t have to give up the foods you love, but you may have to think more carefully about how you consume them. With twice daily brushing, Pronamel® Mint Essence offers all the benefits of regular toothpaste including cavity protection, fresh breath and plaque removal, with an added emphasis on freshness and protection against the effects of acidic food and drinks.

Sensodyne ProNamel Mint Essense Toothpaste 75mL

SKU: 060815030197
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