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One out of every 5 men over 50 years of age experience the Unexpected Leak™. TENA MEN™ Protective Guards is a revolutionary product anatomically-designed for men with strong adhesive strips for added security.

These protective guards feature a Dry Fast Core™ - with superabsorbent microbeads that lock in liquid quickly. The soft, cloth-like outer cover provides comfort and discretion. With the addition of feature Advanced Odour Protection to fight odours, TENA MEN™ Protective Guards delivers on 3 important needs:
• protection
• comfort
• discretion

-Anatomically designed for men
-Fits comfortably in standard briefs
-Highly absorbent target zone ensures protection where needed most
-Advance odour protection works instantly
-Secure adhesive strip keep guard in place

Tena Men Absorbent Guard Moderate 48 Pack

SKU: 768702527002
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